Multiphase Test Facility

A second test facility for conducting high pressure, two-phase, natural gas-oil deposition tests was designed, constructed and commissioned. The test section consists of a U-shaped, 52.5-mm (2.067) I.D., stainless steel pipe and is 48.8-m (160 ft) long. It is mounted on a boom such that any inclination angle between horizontal and vertical can be selected using a hydraulic hoist attached to an 18.3-m (60 ft) high tower. One leg of this test section is partially jacketed with a 10.16-cm (4 in.) nominal diameter CPVC pipe, over a length of approximately 16.2-m (53 ft). The entire test facility was designed for a pressure level of 6.8948 Mpa (1,000 psia) and temperature up to 180°F.

Operating Range

  • Oil Flow Rate: 0 - 4500 BPD
  • Gas Flow Rate: 0 - 2 MMscfd
  • Glycol Flow Rate: 0 - 3500 BPD
  • Oil & Gas Temperature: 40 - 160°F
  • Glycol Temperature: 40 - 160°F
  • Oil & Gas Pressure: 200 - 750 psig
  • Pipe: 2-in. ID Sch. 40 Stainless Steel Pipe