Principal Investigator - Holden Zhang Research Technician - Norm Stegall
Co-Principal Investigator - Cem Sarica Research Technician - Franklin Birt
Project Coordinator - Linda Jones Research Assistant - Yilin Fan
Project Coordinator Assistant - Sherri Alexander Research Assistant - Yue Lin
Research Associate - Eduardo Pereyra Research Assistant - Shufan Wang
Project Engineer -Scott Graham Research Assistant - Siddesh Sridhar
Research Technician - Craig Waldron  

Principal Investigator - Holden Zhang

Holden Zhang

Contact: (918) 631-5142; EMail Dr. Zhang

Hong-Quan (Holden) Zhang received Ph.D. (Fluid Mechanics) in 1988 from Tianjin University, China, M.S. and B.S. (Thermal Energy Engineering) in 1985 and 1982 from Xian Jiaotong University, China, respectively. In 1993 and 1994, as an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, he conducted researches on 3-D wake flows at the Max-Planck-Institute of Fluid Mechanics and the German Aerospace Research Establishment (DLR) in Goettingen, Germany.

Dr. Zhang joined TUFFP as a Research Associate in May 1998. He became a faculty of the TU Petroleum Engineering Department in August 2003. He now serves as the Associate Director of TUFFP as well as Principal Investigator of TUHOP. Dr. Zhang supervises and participates in many multiphase flow research projects from experimental test to theoretical modeling.
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Co-Principal Investigator - Cem Sarica

Cem Sarica

Contact: (918) 631-5154; EMail Dr. Sarica

Cem Sarica holds B.S. (1982) and M.S. (1984) degrees in petroleum engineering from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and a Ph.D. (1990) degree in petroleum engineering from The University of Tulsa (TU). After serving as an Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering at ITU, he joined the research staff at TU in 1992, and was Associate Director of the Tulsa University Fluid Flow Projects (TUFFP) until 1998 when he joined the faculty at The Pennsylvania State University. He joined the Petroleum Engineering Department at TU in 2001. He is currently serving as Professor of Petroleum Engineering. His responsibilities include the directorships of both TUFFP, and the Tulsa University Paraffin Deposition Projects (TUPDP)

Cem's research interests are multiphase flow in pipes, flow assurance and oil and gas production. He has authored several publications on these subjects.

Cem is a member of both the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). He served as an Associate Technical Editor of ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology (JERT) from 1998 -2004. He has previously served as a member of the SPE Production Operations Committee and is a member of the SPE Journal Editorial Board. He was one of the recipients of the SPE's Outstanding Editor Award in 2000. He is a member of SPE Facilities and Construction Standing Committee. He is currently serving as the Chair of SPE Facilities and Construction Award Committee. In addition to his SPE activities, he serves as a Technical Advisory Committee member of BHRg's Multiphase Technology Conferences.
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Project Coordinator - Linda Jones

Linda Jones

Contact: (918) 631-5110; EMail Linda

Linda has worked for The University of Tulsa since 1984. She has been with the North Campus projects since 1989. Linda is the Project Coordinator for TUFFP, TUPDP, and TUHOP. Her responsibilities include external communications, providing computer support for graduate students, publishing and distributing all research reports and deliverables, managing the computer network and web sites, and supervision of part-time office help.
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Project Coordinator Assistant - Sherri Alexander

Contact: (918) 631-5111; EMail Sherri

Sherri joined The University of Tulsa's TUFFP/TUHOP/TUPDP/TUHWALP research offices as Project Coordinator Assistant in August 2012. Prior to joining Dr. Sarica's team, she worked for six years in TU's Career Services, coordinating student interviews with oil & gas companies and accounting firms. Sherri has previous work experience in the oil and gas industry with Amerada Hess, Dalco Petroleum, and Cities Service.
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Research Associate - Eduardo Pereyra

Eduardo Pereyra

Contact: EMail Dr. Pereyra

Eduardo Pereyra received his M.S. (2006) and Ph.D. (2010) degrees in petroleum engineering from The University of Tulsa.  He holds two B.S. degrees from the University of Los Andes: Mechanical Engineering (2000) and System Engineering (2000).

From 2000 to 2003, Eduardo worked for the R&D center of the Venezuelan oil company PDVSA-Intevep.  In 2004, he joined The University of Tulsa as a Research Assistant.  During 2006 he worked for Multiphase System Integration (MSI) in the areas of multiphase transport, facilities design, and multiphase flow metering systems.  Eduardo continued to work as a Research Assistant at The University of Tulsa from 2007 to 2010.  In summer 2005, 2006 and 2007, he worked as a Research Scientist Intern at Chevron's Advanced Production Technology Unit.
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Research Associate - Carlos Torres

Carlos F. Torres

Contact: (918) 631-2152; EMail Carlos

Dr. Carlos F. Torres received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Tulsa (2006), his M.E. degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Los Andes, Venezuela (2001) and his B.E. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Los Andes – Venezuela (1995). Since 1996, Carlos has worked for the University of Los Andes – Venezuela in the Thermal Science Department where he became a full professor in 2011. He worked as Research Associate with Dr. Leslie Thompson at The University of Tulsa, Oklahoma (summer 2008), and with Dr. Angeli at the University College London in the United Kingdom (fall-winter 2008), developing simulations CFD in multiphase flow. His research interests are model development and experimental test for multiphase flow in pipelines and devices, and developing CFD analysis for them. Currently, Carlos is a Research Associate for the TUFFP, TUHOP and TUHWALP research projects at The University of Tulsa.
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Project Engineer -Scott Graham

Scott Graham

Contact: (918) 631-5147; EMail Scott

Mr. Graham is a Project Engineer for The University of Tulsa (TU) serving primarily the TU Fluid Flow Projects (TUFFP) and TU Paraffin Deposition Projects (TUPDP) consortia within the Petroleum Engineering Department. This consortium consists of sixteen international oil companies and focuses it’s studies on fluid flow and paraffin deposition. His responsibilities include working with Master and Ph.D. students to develop innovative measurement systems and sensors; plus teach and transfer practical instrumentation and control knowledge to students. He has an Associates Degree in Electrical/Electronics and has over 23 years of experience in the application and development of instrumentation devices and systems. He is currently working on his Bachelors in Political Science. Prior to coming to TU, Scott was the Program Coordinator for the Electrical/Electronic program of study at Oklahoma State University (OSU) – Okmulgee. In addition to the administrative responsibilities of his position, he served as the advisor to the ISA student section and taught the Process Measurement and Control classes. He served in that position for five years.

Scott began his career working as a roustabout for Conoco NGP in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Later as an instrument technician Scott designed and installed automation systems for gas processing plants. He also performed new electrical construction and assisted in putting together an electrical/instrumentation training program classes for Conoco's associate engineers in New Mexico and West Texas.

In 1992 after working for Conoco and gaining experience elsewhere, his career lead him to operate his own company based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Through Panel-Tek Inc., he designed, manufactured, and marketed chemical injection equipment, and electronic controls for the petroleum industry. From this work he holds several patents related to measurement of crude oil and related processes. The products produced included such items temperature and pressure measurement devices, flow computers, and data acquisition equipment. In 1997 Emerson Electric purchased Panel-Tek where he stayed on as Operation Manager for two years.

Scott enjoys working with students to help them to develop and master the technical skills needed to function in today’s marketplace.
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Research Technician - Craig Waldron

Craig Waldron

Contact: (918) 631-5131; EMail Craig

Craig has 20 years experience working as a research technician in labs and pilot plants for Du Pont and Conoco prior to coming to work at The University of Tulsa in April 2001.
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Research Technician - Norm Stegall


Contact: (918) 631-5133; EMail Norm

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Research Technician - Franklin Birt

Franklin Birt

Contact: (918) 631-5140; EMail Franklin

Franklin Birt is an electronics technician joining the Fluid Flow group after working for the Hydrates group for the past 3 years. Before coming to The University of Tulsa, Birt worked for more than 20 years in the electronics industry. At Time Mark Corporation, he worked as an engineering technician and draftsman, designing and mass producing custom industrial controls and three-phase power monitoring equipment. He was recruited from Time Mark by Panel-Tek Inc., a design and development company specializing in oilfield related electronics and equipment, to serve as an engineering technician, circuit board designer, and customer service representative. He then moved to Control Devices Inc., an industry leader in pipeline pig locating and tracking equipment, Birt worked as a circuit board and electronics packaging designer and championed the development of innovative manufacturing processes and practices. He then moved to Tucker Technologies, the technology division of Tucker Energy Services, as a circuit board designer and later as the Manufacturing Group Leader where he supervised the Manufacturing and Test departments. Tucker Technologies designs and manufactures state of the art downhole logging tools and software.
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Research Assistant - Yilin Fan


Contact: EMail Yilin

Yilin Fan received a B.S. degree in Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering from China University of Petroleum (UPC) in July 2009. Yilin worked in the Zhongyuan oil field of SINOPEC for one year before joiningthe TUHOP team as a Research Assistant to pursue her M.S. degree in petroleum engineering in 2010. She is interested in high viscosity oil research.
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Research Assistant - Yue Lin


Contact: EMail Yue

After completing her first two years undergraduate study at China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Yue Lin joined The University of Tulsa's (TU) Petroleum Engineering program in 2009 through the "2+2" program, an exchange program between the two universities. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering in December 2010, Yue joined the Tulsa University Heavy Oil Projects (TUHOP) and began work on her Master's study as a Research Assistant. She is interested in heavy oil and multiphase flow in pipelines. Yue is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).
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Research Assistant - Shufan Wang

Shufan Wang

Contact: EMail Shufan

Shufan Wang received his M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University (2009) and B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from Beijing University of Chemical Technology (2005) respectively. Before joining The University of Tulsa (TU), Mr. Wang focused mainly on pipeline carbon dioxide CO2 corrosion. He joined TU High-Viscosity Oil Projects (TUHOP) in fall 2009. He is currently involved with oil-gas-water three phase flow experiments as a research assistant. Mr Wang is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).
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Research Assistant - Siddesh Sridhar

Siddesh Sridhar

Contact: EMail Siddesh

Siddesh Sridhar received a bachelors degree in petroleum engineering from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, India. He is currently pursuing his masters degree in petroleum engineering and joined the TU High-viscosity Oil Projects (TUHOP) in March 2010. He is interested in multiphase flow and flow assurance and is currently working on "Experimental Investigation of High-viscosity Oil-water Flow in Inclined Pipes." .
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