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High oil viscosity multiphase flow can be experienced during the production and transportation of heavy oils at normal temperatures, and during the production and transportation of normal oils from cold environments. TUHOP is a Joint Industry Project (JIP) supported by several major oil companies to conduct applied research on high-viscosity oil multiphase flows in wells and pipelines.

3 in Test SectionMultiphase flows are expected to exhibit significantly different behaviors for higher viscosity oils. Many flow behaviors will be affected by the liquid viscosity, including interfacial structures, droplet formation, bubble entrainment and slug characteristics. Flow pattern transitions and pressure drop predictions need to be experimentally determined. Furthermore, the impact of low Reynolds number oil flows in combination with high Reynolds number gas and water flows may yield new flow phenomena and concomitant pressure drop behaviors.

Sapphire WindowThis JIP consists of four parts of studies over five years. The first part is preliminary tests with the current TU Paraffin Deposition Projects (TUPDP) high pressure flow loop and facility modifications. Part 2 is investigation of high viscosity oil and water flow. Part 3 will focus on high viscosity oil and gas two-phase flow studies. Part 4 will be an experimental study on high viscosity oil-water-gas three-phase flow. Based on the experimental observations and measurements, mechanistic models and closure relationships will be developed using a unified approach as part of each study.

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